About Us

We are a group of fitness fanatics that enjoy working out daily around our day jobs.

We started these fitness tracker reviews because we have had some bad experiences in the past with fitness trackers breaking too easily or simply not being as accurate as stated. It is important to us that we provide these reviews to prevent buyers remorse or making the wrong decision. 

We have a different, yet proven, approach to providing stellar fitness tracker reviews. 

How so?

We have specially categorised the fitness trackers that we feel would suit the end user in mind via our wonderful Fitness Tracker Quiz. This free tool essential hones in exactly what you desire from a fitness tracker and provides you with the potential list of products to read. 

That's right, we make it effortless for you to read a review that is actually going to provide value to you and save you countless hours from reading each product review out there. 

We understand our audience - you are looking for a fitness gadget that can help automate your daily fitness and improve well being in the quickest time possible!

We hope that the reviews we provide answer all your questions and that you find our free services useful. We are always happy to receive feedback from our happy subscribers.